Mradifund is an investment holding company with portfolio companies in real estate, technology, FMCG and educational content creation.


We also provide shared services for our portfolio companies and other SMEs.


About us

Mradifund started off by helping SMEs raise funding to scale. We have built expertise in identifying winners and helping them get to the top. Now, we are doing more than providing fundraising expertise. We are investing in and building startups and SMEs that can solve Africa’s biggest problems.


To support this, we hire, train and equip people with skills in shared services most companies require. This is anything from digital marketing to accounting.


We also invest in infrastructure that drives industries we support including manufacturing facilities, warehousing, photography and videography equipment.


Our Values

We invest in our people


Great, high performing teams are built over time. So we keep coaching, encouraging and supporting, so we can all move forward faster


Mistakes happen. We get it. But if there's a risk of failing, you might as well fail trying to do something really big, right? So shoot for the stars in all your work. We'll work together to get there.

We don't invest in shady things. We like to sleep soundly at night and be able to tell our mum’s and grandma’s what we do and why :-D

We are principled

We are slightly rebellious

We KNOW it's supposed to take 6 months. We'll try do it in 2-3


We know it's "always been done that way". There's a better way. We keep cracking at it and once we find it, we go full steam ahead.

We don't wait for all the answers before we go in. A thing we keep saying is "Figure it out!"


Creative problem solving is the name of the game.

We're hustlers, in the good sense of the word

Job posting

As our companies grow, we are looking to build world-class teams of people who are passionate and excited to solve Africa's largest problems. If our values speak to you, please check out the roles we are currently hiring for. 


Click to download the Job Descriptions, and follow the instructions to apply. 

Internship Program - Mradifund - rolling applications

Full Stack Developer - Africa's Pocket - open

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Our portfolio

Online personal financial management education & tools aimed at equipping millennials and Gen Z with the knowledge to manage their money and achieve their goals.


A social enterprise committed to processing foods that are otherwise wasted in order to create shared prosperity across value chains.

Our first brand, Uma, makes premium, all-natural nut butters and bars. 


6th Floor, Citadel Building

Muthithi Road, Westlands



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